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System requirements

  • Single camera: Intel i7 processor (1080p) or intel i5 processor (720p)

  • Dual cameras: Intel i7 processor with GPU (ideally, a gaming machine). Doing real-time video light-painting requires a very good computer. I’m having decent results on my Surface Book 2 i7, but I highly suggest using a gaming computer like an Alienware or Asus ROG

  • 8GB RAM

  • 700 MB available on hard drive

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or Mac OS

  • One or two compatible cameras (see list)

  • One or two compatible HDMI to USB converter (see list)

  • Internet connection (license login)

  • Dedicated USB3 port

Recommended accessories

Remote control

The included remote control is great to test and operate within 2 meters from the computer, but for performances or outdoors work, please consider these options:

Cables, tripods and brackets

  • Camera bracket (this is what I use with my two Canon SL2):

  • L-Shaped HDMI cable. Our kit comes with HDMI cables, but to get two cameras closer (or to have a more solid setup), I recently came across these L-Shaped cables. They take super long to get, but they totally worth it, especially if you intend to use the bracket listed above.

  • Tripod: any sturdy tripod is going to do the trick. These days, I’m using mostly this lightweight one: Benro Slim Carbon Fiber:

External recorder

If you’re planning on recording longer duration videos (over a minute), then it’s safer to keep 100% of the horse power of your computer for the light-painting and use a dedicated recording device. This can be a second computer paired with an additional hdmi-to-usb converter, or an external recorder like the Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket Portable Stand Alone HD 

HDMI cables

Most HDMI cables are straight. I’ve been experimenting lately with these angled ones, and they are much more reliable, and they take less space, allowing you to put your two cameras closer to each other. Select the right orientation!

Left angle (EOS-R)
Right angle (SL2/200D)

Light-painting tools