Video-light-painting Software/hardware bundle.

Virtual ink is a video light-painting software we created in 2015 for a live performance we did at TEDxMontréal. It has been used since then in some big scales shows but I failed to find time for me to play with this technology. It’s only a few months ago that we finally decided to make a much more polished product that is drastically faster and includes tons of new options. This new version goal is to help you create, perform, entertain or teach. That means it can be used either in a studio, on a stage, in a photobooth or at school.

light-painting software-screenshot

Clean output

Use the full screen mode to project your images with no overlays. Go back to normal mode to see buttons and status.



 MP4 and PNG files are displayed and saved at a resolution of 1080p.


Your own gallery

 Navigate through your complete collection using the built-in gallery system. This can be used even on your cellphone.