• Real-time video-light-painting (~300ms latency depending on system)

  • 1080p resolution

  • Save photo and/or video

  • Pause, resume and reset exposure

  • Control using a keyboard, a mouse, a wireless presenter or a bluetooth gamepad

  • Multiple control modes and key binding configurations

  • Full screen mode (clean, no overlay)

  • Hue shift (rainbow psychedelic mode) - experimental

  • Mirror mode (left/right, kaleidoscope)

  • Automatic cross fade at reset (customizable from 0 to 5 seconds)

  • Decay mode

  • Flip image mode (horizontal and vertical)

  • Image/video gallery

  • Sharing screen (by email, smtp account required)

  • Replay monitor (auto loops last or five last created videos)

  • Gallery and Replay monitors accessible from other computers through the same local network via a web browser (local ip address)

Dual features

  • Dual camera mode - see yourself when drawing / high quality. Requires a second converter / camera.

  • Swap camera feature

  • Fine tune camera alignment straight from the software using arrow keys


video light-painting software
video light-painting software dashboard
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