All the coupons in one place!

  1. "earlybird" -> 200$ off, limited to the first 15 sales
  2. "presale" ->100$ off, illimited coupons. Valid until August 31th, 2018
  3. "luckyme" -> free! Including shipping and a mirrorless camera. I'll have two of those to give away in June. Turn on the new-post alert on my instagram. When I post an image with a caption that contains the hashtag "luckyme", that means I'm giving away one of these kits! (pro version). The first one to use the code is going to get the kit -> CONGRATS DAN CHICK AND LANCE GIUDICE! The kits are going your way
  4. For my lovely actual xangle clients,  please send an email and I'll provide you a 300$ pre-sale rebate on the pro or dual versions (valid until August 31th, 2018)

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