System requirements

  • Basic/Pro: Intel i7 processor (1080p) or intel i5 processor (720p)

  • Dual: Intel i7 processor with GPU (ideally, a gaming machine)

  • 8GB RAM

  • 700 MB available on hard drive

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or Mac OS

  • Compatible camera (see list)

  • Internet connection (license login)

  • Dedicated USB3 port

(the requirements are getting updated as we test with different systems)

Recommended accessories

Remote control

The included remote control is great to test and operate within 2 meters from the computer, but for performances or outdoors work, please consider these options:

Light-painting tools

  • Light-painting tubes. I have a bunch of different kits available on the shop.

  • coming soon -> single programmable POI. This should be available very soon. Subscribe to my mailing list to hear about it.