Supported hdmi converters

These are the main HDMI to USB converters we support (tested). They are extremely different from each other. These devices are needed to convert the HDMI feed from your camera to your computer. You need two units to use the Dual option in (ideally identical)

  1. / XangleVideo / Inogeni capture card
    This is the best option but also the most expensive. It’s the only one we’ve tested so far which can provide 23.976 framerate. Having a lower framerate is the way to go for video light-painting as it uses less processing and shows longer streaks of light (between each tiny gaps). If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the one below is your best bet. This is also the best option for XangleVideo as it supports all possible resolutions / framerates and can be upgraded to 4k.

  2. Magewell usb capture / FHD capture card
    This one comes in many different shapes and names. They are very generic and a bit hard to predict but we’ve tested many variations that work perfectly. The lowest framerate is 29.97 fps, which means that you’ll need to match these settings on your camera

  3. Camlink Elgato 1080p
    This converter is working properly, however, it provides a compressed feed as opposed to the two other options above. The advantage of using a compressed feed is to use less bandwidth on your usb port, but the quality is theoretically lower. Use this one only if you already own it. The options above are better.